H EV Fuse 750VDC Series
  • H EV Fuse 750VDC SeriesH EV Fuse 750VDC Series
  • H EV Fuse 750VDC SeriesH EV Fuse 750VDC Series

H EV Fuse 750VDC Series

The H-type and J-type designs of WESTKING EV FUSE H EV Fuse 750VDC Series fully consider the layout problem of electric vehicle device space. During the design process, the WESTKING team thoroughly studied the internal structure and equipment layout of electric vehicles to ensure that the fuses can be effectively installed in limited spaces.

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Product Description

The H-type and J-type fuses are respectively optimized for different application scenarios. The H-type fuse, with its compact design and small size, is highly suitable for small-sized electric vehicles with limited space. The J-type fuse, however, is larger in size and has a higher current carrying capacity, making it more suitable for large-sized electric vehicles and electric vehicles.

The EV14H750 is a new energy vehicle protection fuse produced by WESTKING, designed for voltage platforms below 750VDC. It is mainly used for the protection of branch circuits and has a maximum current range of 60A. This fuse features a small size and high breaking capacity, making it an excellent choice for electric vehicle

H EV Fuse 750VDC Series Technical data

Type Rated voltage Rated currents
EV14H750-(Amp) 750VDC 12A-60A
?Utilization category: gEV
?Rated breaking capacity: 20 kA
?Time constant: 2±0.5ms
?Ambient temperature : -40°C ... 125°C

H EV Fuse 750VDC Series Material Description:

1- The fuse tube adopts high-strength 95% alumina ceramic,

2- The fuse element uses imported Japanese material and undergoes precise stamping.

H EV Fuse 750VDC Series Structural Process:

1- The metal copper parts are riveted and then welded again;

2- The internal quartz sand adopts the unique curing treatment process of WESTKING, preventing product detachment and arc spray caused by line faults during dynamic operation.

H EV Fuse 750VDC Series Standards



Manufactured under ITAF16949 quality system for compliance with automotive requirements

RoHS compliant

REACH declaration available upon request


Strong resistance to current surge

Tolerant of harsh driving conditions

Safe and reliable fusing characteristics

Double protection against overload and short circuit

Low temperature rise and power consumption, extending battery range

High breaking capacity


Battery pack protection


Battery Junction Box for auxiliaries


Electrical Energy Storage

Battery charger

Supercapacitor pack protection

Backup protection for DC relay / disconnector / switch

Maintenance Safety Disconnect (MSD)


is09001 iatf16949



EV FUSE 750VDC EV14H750 protection for EV and battery pack

Type I2t (A2s) Power loss 0.5 In(w) Net weight (g)
Melting Clearing
EV14H750﹣12A 412 517 0.54 29.5
EV14H750﹣16A 536 735 0.71
EV14H750﹣20A 821 1594 0.84
EV14H750﹣25A 1014 1893 1.06
EV14H750﹣30A 1253 2347 1.39
EV14H750﹣40A 1890 3743 1.73
EV14H750﹣50A 2951 5384 1.96
EV14H750﹣60A 3846 7543 2.30

EV FUSE t-I characteristics

temperature correction coefficient chart


1.The fuse operates normally within the temperature range of -5°C to 40°C, and no additional correction is required.

2.The allowable usage conditions are -40°C to 85°C.

3.Within the range of allowable usage conditions, refer to this table.

Let us introduce you to the WESTKING EVFUSE, the structure of a safe and reliable EV fuse should be like this

1-The metal end cap and purple copper legs are riveted and re-welded to ensure they will not fall off due to vibration.

2-The fuse tube is made of high-alumina ceramic, which withstands electric arc impact and does not deform under high temperatures.

3-The fuse element is precision-stamped from imported Japanese alloy materials, ensuring durability against current shock.

4-The arc extinguishing medium is high-purity quartz sand, which is selectively cleaned and processed.

5-A curing process developed by WESTKING is used to fix the quartz sand, preventing the fuse element from being pulled apart by vibrations and effectively reducing the intensity of electric arc impact.

6-An interference fit is used for the inner and outer end caps to reduce resistance.

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