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              1000Vdc NH0 GPV PV Fuse Link
              • 1000Vdc NH0 GPV PV Fuse Link1000Vdc NH0 GPV PV Fuse Link
              • 1000Vdc NH0 GPV PV Fuse Link1000Vdc NH0 GPV PV Fuse Link

              1000Vdc NH0 GPV PV Fuse Link

              Westking, a trusted supplier based in China, offers high-quality 1000Vdc NH0 GPV PV Fuse Links. These fuse links are designed for photovoltaic applications, ensuring reliable protection in solar power systems. With Westking's commitment to excellence, these fuse links meet industry standards and provide efficient and safe solutions for solar energy projects.

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              Product Description

              The NH0 gPV fuse-links for photovoltaic installations from WESTKING have been specifically designed to provide a reliable safety protection solution in sub-array, array, or inverter DC input of photovoltaic installations. These fuse-links offer comprehensive protection against overloads and short-circuits (gPV class according to IEC 60269 and UL248-19 Standards) with a minimum fusing current of 1.35 times the rated current (In). They are constructed with a ceramic body that exhibits exceptional resistance to internal pressure and thermal shock. The contacts are made of silver-plated copper or brass, while the melting elements are composed of Toshiba Materials to prevent aging and maintain unaltered electrical characteristics over time. To ensure optimal performance, we recommend using our 1000 VDC SFPVNH0B fuse bases with these fuse-links.

              1000Vdc NH0 GPV PV Fuse Link Technical data

              ?Rated voltage: 1000Vdc
              ?Rated currents: 40A...100A
              ?Utilization category: gPV
              ?Rated breaking capacity: 50kA
              ?Minimum interrupt rating: 1.35·In
              ?Non fusing current: 1.13·In
              ?Storage temperature: -40°C ... 90°C
              ?Operating temperature : -40°C ... 85°C

              ?When the ambient temperature exceeds 25°C, please refer to the WESTKING Solar fuse temperature correction table.

              1000Vdc NH0 GPV PV Fuse Link Standards

              IEC/EN 60269-1 Fuse links – general requirements

              IEC/EN 60269-6 Fuse links for solar photovoltaic systems

              UL248-19 Photovoltaic fuse links

              RoHS Compliant

              1000Vdc NH0 GPV PV Fuse Link KEY FEATURES/ADVANTAGES

              Widely accepted globally

              Capable of interrupting low fault currents

              Withstands temperature cycles effectively

              Constructed with durability to enhance system longevity

              High efficiency with minimal power losses

              Compact design for space-saving installation

              1000Vdc NH0 GPV PV Fuse Link APPLICATIONS

              Compatible with inverters and battery charge controllers, this device provides protection for PV modules in-line and is suitable for combiner box applications.

              Suitable for use in all photovoltaic systems, it offers protection at the string/array level of PV systems.


              TUV CE

              is09001 iatf16949




              Rated Current I2t (A2s) Power loss(w) 1.0 In Net weight
              Melting Clearing
              40A 140 1200 8.0 224g
              50A 159 1431 11.0
              63A 467 4203 12.0
              80A 638 5742 15.50
              100A 1300 11700 16.50

              t-I characteristics

              Dimensions (mm)

              Compatible FUSE bases

              temperature correction coefficient chart


              1.The fuse operates normally within the temperature range of -5°C to 40°C, and no additional correction is required.

              2.The allowable usage conditions are -40°C to 85°C.

              3.Within the range of allowable usage conditions, refer to this table.

              The 1000Vdc NH0 gPV Fuse Link is a compact and high-quality product developed and manufactured by WESTKING New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. for use in the 1000VDC voltage platform. With a voltage platform of 40A-100A, this fuse link is designed to save space in combiner box applications, thanks to its small size and high segmentation ability. It is capable of quickly cutting off the circuit in a short time, effectively protecting equipment from damage caused by overcurrent and short-circuit faults. Made from high-quality materials, this fuse link offers excellent reliability and a long service life.

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