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              10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder
              • 10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder
              • 10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder
              • 10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder
              • 10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder
              • 10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder
              • 10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder

              10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder

              Introducing Westking's latest innovation: the all-encompassing fuse holder series 10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder tailored for photovoltaic system protection. Engineered with precision, the 10X38mm photovoltaic fuse holder series is purpose-built to safeguard photovoltaic systems. Boasting a modular design, these fuse holders prioritize safety and user-friendliness, meeting stringent IEC and UL standards while offering an IP20 protection rating. What sets them apart is their intuitive fuse replacement function, requiring just a gentle tap for effortless maintenance.

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              Product Description

              Westking launches innovative and comprehensive fuse holder 10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder products. The 10X38mm photovoltaic fuse holder series is designed specifically for the protection of photovoltaic systems. Featuring a modular design, these fuse holders are safe and easy to use, comply with IEC and UL standards, offer a protection rating of IP20, and include a fuse replacement function (just require a light tap). The 10X38mm PV fuse holder series is available with or without a visual fuse break indicator, and can be selected in a single-pole design. Made from tough and durable thermoplastic material, Westking's series of products ensure stability and durability.

              Special recommendation: Use Westking's 10X38mm PV fuse holders together with their corresponding fuses to provide comprehensive protection for your photovoltaic system.

              10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder Technical data

              ?Rated voltage: 1000Vdc or 1100Vdc
              ?Rated currents: 32A
              ?Degree of protection: IP20
              ?Product Size: 10x38mm gPV fuses link
              ?Rated breaking capacity: 33kA
              ?Storage temperature: -40°C ... 90°C
              ?Operating temperature : -40°C ... 85°C
              ?Power dissipation of fuse-holder: 0.37W
              ?Rated insulation voltage: 6kV


              IEC/EN 60269-1

              IEC/EN 60269-2

              UL4248-1 Fuse holders

              UL4248-19 Photovoltaic fuse holders

              UL486E Wiring terminals

              CSA C22.2 No 4248-1 Fuse holder assemblies

              CSA 22.2 No 65 Wire connectors

              10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder KEY FEATURES/ADVANTAGES

              Space-saving compact design

              Modular construction for flexibility

              TH35 DIN rail installation for easy integration

              IP20 level of protection

              Finger-safe design

              Convenient fuse access

              Lockable without additional accessories

              Sealable in both closed and open positions

              Optional visual fuse indicator

              Made from PBT plastic material

              Incorporates flame-retardant materials with a glow-wire flammability index of up to 960

              10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder APPLICATIONS

              Photovoltaic applications up to 1100VDC

              Protection at the PV string/array level

              Inverter applications

              Combiner box operation

              10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder Certifications

              is09001 iatf16949

              TUV CE



              10x38mm 1000VDC PV Fuse Holder ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS

              type led indicator Net weigh packing
              SFPV-25B-1P NO 60g 12pcs/box
              SFPV-25B-2P NO 121g 6pcs/box
              SFPV-25B-3P NO 182g 4pcs/box
              SFPV-25B-4P NO 243g 3pcs/box
              SFPV-25BX-1P YES 62g 12pcs/box
              SFPV-25BX-2P YES 125g 6pcs/box
              SFPV-25BX-3P YES 187g 4pcs/box
              SFPV-25BX-4P YES 249g 3pcs/box

              Dimensions (mm)

              Compatible FUSE bases

              WESTKING 10X38mm PV fuse holder has exceeded 30 million units in photovoltaic power generation applications in China. Since photovoltaic fuses are typically used outdoors in harsh environments with significant temperature differences, there are strict requirements for the material selection of photovoltaic fuses. During the research and development stage, WESTKING New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. conducted extensive simulated working condition tests and validations. By referring to actual operating conditions in the market and considering environmental factors, WESTKING finally created a photovoltaic holder that can withstand harsh environmental testing conditions. This has resulted in excellent word of mouth in the Chinese market, with high evaluations from users for our products in many technical transformation project bidding samples.

              Below is a table of environmental derating coefficients for 10X38mm PV fuse holder application environments, along with installation and wiring instructions. Please read it carefully, as it is crucial for the correct use of photovoltaic fuses and can reduce faults while extending the service life of the fuse holder.

              About wiring

              Maximum tightening torque: 2Nm

              For rigid or multistrand wire with a size of 1-16mm2 (16-6AWG), WESTKING recommend using a maximum of 2x6mm2 PZ2 or 5.5x1mm flat screw drivers (with a maximum diameter of 6mm).

              WESTKING 10X38mm pv fuse holder
              Derating coefficient table

              Ambient temperature -40°to 20℃ 30℃ 40℃ 50℃ 60℃ 70℃ 80℃ 90℃
              Rating reduction factor (Le) 1 1 1 0.92 0.83 0.73 0.62 0.48
              Humidity 95% 90% 80% 50% - - - -
              Rating reduction factor (Le) 1 0.95 0.90 - - - -
              Number of poles (side by side) Derating factor of current (lth)
              1p-3p 1
              Greater than or equal to 4P 0.9

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